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Katie Scott
Event Photographer


Since I can remember I have always had an earnest desire to capture the world around me. Ever since I received my first camera as a child, I have loved documenting my world. Part of this was an idea of preserving special moments that will last forever. Photography is more than capturing scenes to me, it is a way of immortalizing a moment, a feeling and the occasion. I was always fascinated by the possibility of a photograph lasting longer than myself. Years later it will still hold its power and essence. That’s why I became an event photographer. I want to help others document their milestones, joy, and laughter that will live on forever. Creating something that allows them to be able to look back and relive that moment.By taking photographs, I am able to capture all aspects of the celebration. This passion led me to getting a Bachelors of Fine Arts in Photography at Regis University with a minor in Marketing.


Wedding photographs will serve as testament to an important day in your life. These photos will show the commitment and the love of the couple. I want to help you to document and preserve your wedding day and the joy of this special commitment. As well as be there to document other aspect of your life. Such as the arrival of your children or any other special occasions life may bring you.


I put everything into the work I create. I take each occasion and create unique photographs that are a tribute to your special event.  I provide a variety of services from: engagement photographs, wedding rehearsal documentation, the wedding itself, newborn and graduation photographs. These moments will last years to come and hold the feelings of that day that will never fade.

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